Thursday July 23
Gettin' punchy tonight at Tom Grainey's Saloon...bartenders are slingin' beer, we are slingin' the honky tonk....

Friday July 17
Like A Rocket's Speedy Gray will be playing Friday at the Roosevelt Market block party 6-9...Local music, beer and wine, good food...let's get neighborly!

July 3
Woot! Let the fireworks commence! This evening Like A Rocket lights up the stage at Pengilly's Saloon in downtown Boise...9 pm !

June 19, 20, 21
We'll be in Cascade, Idaho all weekend playing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at the world famous Valley Club. It's time once again for the annual Payette River Games at Kelly's Whitewater Park: three days of cool surfing and paddling competition including log rolling and ax throwing, yep! Come enjoy summer in the mountains! Like A Rocket hits the stage at 8:00 Friday!

Portland peeps: come check us out at the San Dune Pub in Manzanita this Tuesday! This cool pub is into the surfing scene and is only 3 blocks from the beach. Like A Rocket is on stage from 7-9 Tuesday June 9th. 

June 6
       Out on tour for 10 days through the Northwest. We are excited to start our tour at Munchen Haus in the Alpine-style village of Leavenworth, Washington. We hit the stage at 6:00 pm!

May 4th

Tracking and mixes done! Artwork then pressing. Raucous rocks!

Feb 26
Here is a silly idea.

Feb 20

We are super psyched to be THE VERY LAST BAND on the schedule at ‪#‎Treefortfest‬ this year! We are going to leave Pengilly's without a roof!

Feb 7

We in Like A Rocket are trying something new for us. Instead of an Indie Gogo campaign, we'd like to offer you a presale on two EPs. One is a collection of songs I did a few years age called The Black Wolf. The other is 5 songs, brand new from the whole band.  We only need to raise $250 so just 25 orders will get us there.
 $10 will get you both, mailed to you. $20 will get them and aT-shirt, $25 adds another tee, for you couples that need two.
 Paypal me at fastermouse(at) Release date is Mar 1st. Make sure you shoot me an email with your address!

Feb 6
Hey Treefort everybody! Get your tickets now!
 Treefort music Festival is by far the best fest in the west, and we will be performing again this year. If your not from Boise, it is a great time to enjoy spring in the high desert and see some of America's very best music. Mar 25-29. see you there.

Jan 28

We decided to pre-release some songs that won't fit on High John. Get ready for a rocking EP Raucous. Available Mar 1!

Aug 22 It has been a busy summer, but we've just stared work on a brand new record. It's called High John The Conqueror and the first song for yo.ur happy little ears is, "27 Steps". Take a listen and download it for a buck.

Mar 19

I guess its time to tell the world. Z.V. House is stepping aside in his role as the third member of our little enclave and making room for new member Andy Cenarrusa. Zach will still be a member of our family, joining on special occasions and in the studio. We will miss Zach terribly but Andy is all ready to rock your socks.

Mar 7

Getting all tuned up for Treefort!
Tickets here

Dec 6 2013.
 The first road date of our Jan Tour will be at Dean's Scene in Portland Oregon. Dean's Scene is a cool basement brewery on Freemont St. In the Beaumont- Wilshire neighborhood of N Portland.

        Featured on the Esquire Channel's Brew Dogs its a special little place serving home brewed beer for free! A $10 dollar donation is accepted and due to the coolness of Portland its all good. We are so excited to do this! If you are Portland person, we expect to see your shining face and full glass.

Oct 4th 2013
Jen Travell snapped a photo of Speedy playing at Smiley Creek this August during the fire and No Depression is featuring it in their Americana photo section on the home page! Way to go Jen! And way to go Speedy for looking so American(a)!

Sept 14th 2013
Great news! We are super excited to announce that Highlands Hollow Brewhouse is releasing a limited edition Like A Rocket Beer! Join us on Sept 9th at 6:30 for a draught and stripped down set of Rocket tunes! Cds, Tees and posters will be available. Like A Rocket Funkleberry is a fanatic wheat beer with just a touch of fresh huckleberry to balance the taste. UMMM!

August 25 2013
 Playing today at Brewforia. Solo cause Z is out of town. More beer for me!

July 20th 2013
 The new album release TODAY! Join us a the Visual Arts Collective for a night of drunken celebration with our dear friends James Plane Wreck. I have so much to say but lets just stop with a big hearty thanks to all our fans. See you tonight!

June 1st 2013
Thank you all our dear fans and friends for making our IndieGoGo  campaign so successful. By making our goal, we collected an extra bonus. Thank you all again and again.

March 20th 2013
 We were so excited to play Treefort/Alefort again this year. What a day we had. Loud rock, sunny Sunday, good beer, and lotsa cool bands. Ended up the night with BTS dancing to Kareoke From Hell.

The tunes stick to your ears, and the lyrics are as clear and sharp as a broken bottle of Jack Daniel's on the pavement.
-Here Comes The Dumptruck